5 cuentas que vale la pena seguir en instagram


Instagram se ha vuelto un escape para nuestras mentes, tanto que podemos pasar horas mirando fotos (buenas y malas) además es el principal centro de construcción de críticas de las personas y nos permite a todos mostrar el fotógrafo que llevamos dentro.

Por lo que hoy les traigo 5 cuentas que deben seguir en instagram:


With the moon as our light🌙✨

Una publicación compartida de Brandon Woelfel (@brandonwoelfel) el





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Painting on iPad with #procreate app. Making of in the latest #imaginefx magazine

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Rachel Ryle

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Hey what is happening here?! :::))) Incredible picture by my friend @ninjamiko. Thanks for using my hashtag #ericpare on your tube lightpainting pictures #Repost @ninjamiko ・・・ Light your world Haven’t been so active here these days. Just felt that there are many things need to learn. Still try to do some different shots and have collaboration with my friends. But actually when you wanna do something different, and yet no one could understand that what you wanna do. Will you be afraid of doing things by yourself? Will you feel lonely if you have less and less friends who can share same interest with you? Actually when you feel that you really wanna do something, then no one can stop you. Questi right or not. You may think doing something is right. But maybe others don’t think so. We just have different value and mindset. Why not just accept the difference? 🙂 #ericpare#friendsatatllcosts#lightpainting#nightphotography#justgoshoot#killer#way2ill#shoot2kill #moodygrams #yngkiller#exclusive_shots#agameoftones#aov#artofvisuals#ballet#lightpaintingphotography#

Una foto publicada por Light-painting – Eric Paré (@ericparephoto) el




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